Vision: To be one of the frontrunners of film production in India and set a benchmark as a producer and financer of intelligent, thought-provoking and unique entertainment.

Mission: Consistent with its vision Raj Communications strives to find and cultivate talent from the various fields of film production and create an atmosphere of vibrant creativity along with an integrated approach to production Raj Communications aims to provide high quality entertainment with a plethora of themes that appeal to a wide range of audience.

We make an effort to bring out the very best from actors, directors, cinematographers, editors, music directors and everyone else involved in the creative process of film making and are actively interested in producing honest and innovative feature films /short films/ documentaries.

Music launch of 'Antaral'

Antaral is a rather dramatic film which deals with pre-marital pregnancy.



Antaraal has been awarded as "SILVER PALM"..


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