The original novel, Antaral, by Mr Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay is written in the form of a diary. It explores the making and breaking of relationships, the hopes and dilemmas of some individuals, as they face themselves and the world around them – a world whose order has been disturbed by a young lady, who has conceived out of marriage. The story spans across the gestation period of the foetus, its transformation inside the mother’s womb almost a reflection of the “metamorphosis” of the life outside. Mr Mukhopadhyay has deliberately drawn a parallel to this metamorphosis with the writing and philosophy of Franz Kafka.

There are three major characters in the story:

Sutirtha Paul Chowdhury is a brilliant student who cannot compete in the rat race of the corporate world and resigns himself to being a mediocre professional, a failure in the eyes of his wife and everyone at large. But his zeal for theatre remains his driving force. His passion for Kafka and the philosophy that influences his work is what helps him make sense of the madness around him.

Sutirtha’s wife, Antara, on the other hand, is an accomplished and renowned Gynaecologist. Antara’s success, passion, frustration, moral dilemma and finally the quiet realisation that changes her and the situation around her, weave through the storyline.

Mrinmoyee is the unwed mother around whom the story revolves. A moment of weakness throws Mrinmoyee’s life out of gear. As she desperately tries to erase that one folly, life throws up one challenge after the other; challenges demand her to emerge as a new person. Paranoia, dejection and then the unfamiliar feeling of new motherhood – Mrinmoyee’s character takes shape amidst the chaos of her emotions.

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Antaral is a rather dramatic film which deals with pre-marital pregnancy.



Antaraal has been awarded as "SILVER PALM"..


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